This NASA Earth science missions video contest engages high school age students to produce a video communicating NASA Earth science to younger students. Video is increasingly important to communicate and inform about science. NASA encourages high school students to create videos that engage students in Earth science.

There is no contest planned at this time, but check out the past winning videos!

2014 Contest Winners

Topic: Water of the Water Planet

Topic: How Ice Impacts Climate and Climate Impacts Ice

Topic: Forest Fire and Air Quality

"Forest Fire Effects on Air Quality"
by Heather F., Suzie P., and Sofia B.                              

2014 Runners Up

By : Anna O.
Pollution from wildfires
By : Norris K., Jesse L. and Jacob H.

2012 Contest Winners

Topic: Stratospheric Ozone

"All About Ozone"
by Michelle G. and Ananya J. from Lincroft, NJ

Topic: Water of the Water Planet

by Erik B., and Will R.
Includes footage courtesy of NOAA and Jim Edds,

Topic: Ship Tracks

"Ship Tracks NASAREELscience 2012"
by Michelle K., from Pasadena, CA

2012 Runners Up

Runner Up, Bob and the Ozone Layer
"Bob and the Ozone Layer"
by Reshef E., from Irvine, CA
Runner Up, Earth's Ozone
"Earth's Ozone"
by Robert G., from San Diego, CA
Runner Up, LEARN about: Water Cycle & Aqua
"LEARN about: Water Cycle & Aqua"
by Annie C., and Alina S. from Troy, MI
Runner Up, Hurricane: The Documentary
"Hurricane: The Documentary"
by Anthony S., Benjamin N., Michael P., and Rogelio J. from Huntington Sta., NY
Runner Up, The Water of the Water Planet
"The Water of the Water Planet"
by Haena C., from Greenville, SC
Runner Up
"Ship Tracks"
by Christian S., from Aurora, IL

Did you participate?

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